Jesus, Mary, Plain Jane?
Get your knees down,
get it in.
My king, my prey.

Holy, Holy? blah.
keep your head down,
blah, blah,
get it in.
My very, very special place.

Don’t test the water.
Just jump into it.
Take a dive,

and play,
with your hands untied,
with your eyes wide.
Can I play?

Jesus and tobacco,
keep your kids home,
alcohol and ammo,
get your finger pointing,
get it in.

We the people, we the problem.
That’s a peep hole;
keep your eye on your first born
You had to get it in.

Don’t test the water.
Just jump into it,
Just take a dive,
ain’t nothing to it.
Ain’t nothing wrong,
with what your doin’.
Just tell your mama you’ve gone on out to play.

You can’t be born a sinner,
‘cause God don’t care who you share your bed with,
and what Sundays you missed.
He don’t give a damn about those petty things.

Höre Confessional song