You don’t speak, the mouth leaks, customer
You still look the same to me, customer
Used to give it to ya’ for nothing, customer
Wonderin’ where have you been, customer
How you not carrying a gun there, customer
I don’t want ya’ hanging around here, customer
Spend it like you mean it, number one customer
You nothin’ more than customer.

Left hand holdin’ a dollar, customer
(broke and you’re lookin’ to borrow, customer)
Right hand, name of the father, customer
(Don’t believe in God but you’re sorry customer)
Prayin’ you can ride on the tails now, customer
(haven’t we already been there, now, customer)
You nothin’ more than a customer

I’m wondering why you’ve been
standing at payphones
holding your quarter
who would you call anyway?

What would you say,
holding that pay phone,
if it wasn’t broken,
what would you say to me?

Maybe if we had
kept it together
I could have been king,
and you could have stayed the same.

Höre Customer song