Intro / Cardi B Interlude

Rubi Rose


Ayy (Uncut)

They say success couldn't happen for a bitch overnight
Nine times out of ten you niggas prolly right
Re-recorded over thirty times just to give 'em Big Mouth
Put it on the gram and watch the whole world freak out
Now I'm bookin' shows, got the whole venue sold out
Bought the Lambo' truck just to stunt and put the doors out
He was ninety-nine problems but a bitch wasn't one
That nigga stopped payin' the car, no, 'cause I said I was done
I shoulda kept runnin' that game, I was too young and dumb
They came and repossessed the Benz, a bitch fеlt like a skunk
It's like he triеd to box me in, put a bitch on the ropes
You give a nigga too much power, he gon' turn and go ghost (Grrah)
Okay, I'm stacked up, racked up, back up on my bully (Ayy)
Started gettin' money, hoes started actin' silly
Had to cut 'em off, they got me pullin' out the Glizzy (Ayy)
Keep my circle small, it's only me, Lala and Missy
L-A on the phone, he wanna sign a bitch tonight (Ayy)
Say he love the flow, you know I kill this shit on sight
I done did some shit I gotta keep up on the low (Yuh)
Anything to get it, I was tired of bein' broke
I just gave my momma fifty racks and told her, "Happy birthday" (Ayy)
She the reason I'm the baddest bitch up in the fur play (Yeah)
When you on the grind you gotta take it like a survey
Went from eatin' noodles in the cup to eatin' soufflé
Ain't a bitch who's known for playin' niggas like it's 2K (Ayy)
Real gutta bitch, I mix the Kool-Aid with the D'Ussé (Ayy)
Real boss shit, I called up Taylor, get the [?] (Yeah)
Really pretty bitch so I ain't fuckin' with no goofy

This the true life events of a young Rubiana
Came from the bottom, made it far since the come up
When the lights turn off and the world goes cold
They gon' remember Rubi Rose, greatest story never told

I like Rubi Rose music, I like her voice a lot
Like, it's like, I like her voice, like, it just (Thank you)
It just, it just goes with it
Like a lot of female artists, like, they don't have that voice
Like, you could rap, and rap and rap and rap
But if you don't have that voice
You just don't have it

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