Jeanette Biedermann


Just the other day I started thinkin'
How we messed up our love and fell apart
And I really couldn't keep on Playing "hangin' tough"
I'm feeling weak an'
I'm gonna lose my guard

Don't you stay away
Need you still today
Love is real
And I will show you

Was the name you gave to me
In a way that made me see
I've realized there is no one better
I'm the one you countin' on
Ev'ry time I hear this song
Have seen the light, boy
I gotta hear your voice - Jean

I would move the world to see you laughin'
I'd follow you to each an' ev'ry place
But I know that I would have to do some changin'
If you saw it darlin' you would be amazed

I'll have to endure
waitin' for my cure
I love you
And you can show me

Ev'ry day I'm hopin' for a sign from you
That tells me it's ok
It's ok
And I can't wait to hear you call me