I love it when they wear a week’s worth on their faces.
I left it all at home,
and took only knuckles and cold blood.

Take one or two for kicks,
make you famous with my fists,
bare boned and bear clawing,
like a newborn, because I would love to be broken in.

I’ve got your back.

But when that bell rings
I will not stand naked for me,
only for him, and then I’ll begin to break you in.

Grab his collar then just swing away.
6 tooth smile.

Take my name off of the flag,
I will not walk in the parade,
Unsung and swollen, step aside,
My hands are useless ‘til they’re bleeding.

I’ve been wired for this wreck.
I never chose this, I was chosen.
I’m stitched and ready to be,
the juggernaut behind the curtain,
just trust in me.

Now when that bell rings,
And my fists are closed, naked,
I don’t care if it’s your praise that they sing,
I pay the bills and make a living from breaking you in.