My God Can Beat Up Your God



I want to be the last of my kind,
the last man standing.
I want to dig my own hole to die in,
because I’m temporary.

Let’s make a mess out of everything.
Break a heart and then teach it to sing.
We’re only temporary.

Let us pick an addiction,
and sell it to make a living.
We’re only temporary.

I am the saddle and you are the ass,
We’ll ride this little horsey to our magnificent crash.
‘cause we’re fucking temporary.

Now we were born to particular Gods,
‘cause we could all shit the bed tomorrow,
because we’re temporary.

Hey, you’re invited, we’re waging a war,
and we will write it in blood on your door.
“My God can beat up your God.”

Give them all your money,
sleep naked in the rain,
and when they stare,
growl through your mane.

Piss into the wind,
and dangle from a power line.
Drink them under the table,
because this is how you make it out alive.