Set A Fire



If it howls in the night, you walk it.
Walks to the edge?
You off it.
Have something to say?
You’re a prophet,
They like what you say, so you profit.

You called for a shrink?
Yo, I got this.
You’re not all there,
but you’re not sick.
Tell me all your problems darling;
tell me that the world’s been cruel and your starving.

I don’t mess around with plastic viles with the smiles.
Not my style.
Ups, downs, baby, I’m monastic
I pray to the Gods on the plastic classics.

You called?
Let it ring,
Yo, I got this, feeling I should stay at the apartment,
and tell you all my problems, darling;
tell you that the world’s been cruel and I’m starving.

There are a days
where that sun won’t shine on you,
so you set a fire,
and you let it burn through.

Where you gonna run when the storm hits?
I’ll be at the eye, smiling wide, in the thick of it.
You’re missing it,
I love a good beating,
I revel in it just like a pig in shit.

You called for a sign?
Yo I got this.
We’re all fucked up and we’re all sick.
Learn to love the lows, my darling,
you’ll be feelin’ better in the light from the morning.

I don’t care.
I don’t know.
I don’t talk about them no more.
‘Cause you gotta be crazy keepin’ the past on the tip of your tongue,
under the small of your back, in your pocket.
That’s where your spine is.
The word is “forgotten”
That’s what you need to be callin’ the ones that keep you up at night:

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