Don’t blame it on her
She’s got to be
The only one
To put up with me
Rubber band wrapped round the cash,
We desperately need.

Don’t make it worse
Don’t make it bleed
Sick dog, needs love
My everything
I’ll need a hole to dig
Someday we’ll need to be…

Alone with nothin’ but the television
Maybe we’ll just bury ourselves with him.

Don’t blame it on love
It’s got to be,
Right where
The furnace used to be
Feet go cold, turn up the heat,
When you’re down on me.

The world gets smaller
At the seams
Don’t make it smaller
Than it should be
Drop a knife above a map
Run away with me…

Someplace where they don’t have no television
A place where we haven’t grown tired of everyone yet
Play undercover, take turns being one another’s breath

Don’t blame it on me
I got the seed
But I don’t want it
I need to eat
I need to feed
The beast inside of me

You talk of days
I don’t think I’ll see
I anchored
My feet to the beach
So when the big one comes
It’s taking me

To hell with life and our televisions
To hell with everyone who says we’re meant to stay in one place.

Höre Television song