Thank You For Letting Me Be Me

Robbie Williams


Thank you for letting me be myself Some people don't like me being meIt seems that I make them feel uneasy about themselvesI've tried hard in the past to fit in with peopleIt hasn't workedSo thank you for letting me be meIt's the only me I doAnd I get offended when I'm not likedI would also like to think that that's a natural human emotionBut it seems the position I'm in means it's OK to hate meEven if we've never metSo thank you for letting me be meI'm on the telly so people think I don't have feelingsI doSo thank you for letting me be meI read stuff about me that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemyYou have never said or thought these thingsSo thank you for letting me be meI have money to spend and I live the life of a high rollerBut you've never held this against meSome people make me feel as though I don't deserve to be where I amAnd believe me I too on many occasions have had these feelingsThey're not aloneBut you have never thought these things So thank you for allowing me to be me If I'm ever abrasive or seem arrogantIt's because I'm scaredBut you know thisAnd you let me be meSome people will watch this and tear it to piecesBut they're not like youThey won't let me be